Gastronom was established in Florence in 2020, as a synthesis of the culture of the knife in gastronomic tradition and most advanced technology. Our aim is to create an essential and technological product that starting from ancestral tool has evolved into precision instrument. The materials and profiles have been chosen with particular care for usage in high-level gastronomy. Each knife is handcrafted and hand-finished to reach the highest quality level. 

Total Cut

Total cut is a versatile and multi-role knife able to carry out most of the preparations in the kitchen. The generous blade size allows precise cuts to be made on both small and large parts. The flat wire allows you to keep a long lasting perfect sharpening, ideally suited for fillet fish or bone steaks and racks.

Heavy Cut

Heavy cut is a large, handy and precise shredder. The handle ensures exceptional grip even in presence of water or oil. The height of the heel allows you to make precise cuts avoiding that the knuckles touch the cutting board, making it perfect for most kitchen uses.

Green Cut

Green cut is the ideal knife for vegetables. The generous dimension of the back allows you to comfortably support the palm of the hand to chop or to guide the cutting line. The wire is designed to allow maximum penetration avoiding damages to the structure of the leaf or vegetables.

Bread Cut

Bread cut is designed for food that have a durable outer surface and a soft interior. The shape of the blade allows you to cut the crust bread or even the peel of a tomato or citrus fruits precisely, by applying the minimum pressure necessary to avoid crushing.

Fine Cut

Fine cut is designed to perform with precision small cuts, peeling and engraving, both for decorative and for dressing. Its shape allows maximum precision in cleaning, peeling and shaping of fruits, vegetables and mushrooms.