We have chosen N690Co steel produced in Austria by Bohler-Uddenholm, simply because it is the best for our knives.

The engineering carried out by experts has enhanced its characteristics, identifying at the same time the best thicknesses for every model, the ideal grinding angles and the proper sharpening, suitable for successful testing even in critical conditions.

Being the natural twin of the Japanese VGold-10, N690Co performs the same high quality, excellent technical characteristics and superior properties that make it the ideal product for making knife blades and surgical instruments.

The demountable

Our knives can be disassembled in three parts, blade, handle and shank. 

The accurate cleaning of the components can be appropriate both periodically and occasionally, after treating fatty or particularly odorous foods. 

Disassembly is easy and safe, with due precautions.


Our knives are hand sharpened by highly skilled personnel.

The sharpening process ends with the hand passage with the merino wool wheel and guarantees a long life of the edge.

The sharpening service, if and when necessary, is made by charging the shipping costs only.